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Midsummer celebrations

Midsummer at Lake Tuusula 

Lake Tuusula provides the perfect location to experience Finnish Midsummer celebrations. Bonfires and Midsummer dances belong to the traditional Finnish Midsummer’s Eve (Friday, 21nd of June 2019), and we here, at Lake Tuusula, have both! Several bonfires are lit all along the shoreline, and the bands play dance music at several locations.

All locations can be found from the local map.

Why not stay the night at a hotel? Enjoy the celebrations until the early hours, and then enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up to a delicious breakfast. Your midsummer mini-break couldn't be easier!

The best ways to get here are either by driving or by taking a local train to Järvenpää or Kerava train stations. For Gustavelund and Krapi, it is a 40 to 50 minutes’ walk, so you may prefer to pre-book a taxi.

Please note that there is no hop-on hop-off bus operating during Midsummer. 

Juhannus Tuusulanjärvellä


Hotelli Gustavelund 

For more information: Hotel Gustavelund, www.gustavelund.fi
Accomodation: Reservations by phone +358 9 273 751 or by email: reception (at) gustavelund.fi

Gustavelund juhannus Tuusulanjärvi


For more information:
Krapin Paja, www.krapinpaja.fi
Krapi accommodation and restaurants, www.krapi.fiKrapi juhannus Tuusulanjärvi

onnela inn

For more information: www.onnela.com, by phone +358 9 258 821or myynti (at) onnela.com.

Onnela juhannus Tuusulanjärvi

VAnhankylä manor (vanhankylän kartano)

 Vanhankylänniemi Järvenpää juhannus

more accommodation

Scandic Järvenpää
Comfortable accommodation for the whole family next to Järvenpää train station. For more information: www.scandichotels.fi

Pescator Villas
Unique and spacious luxury apartments for rent. You can rent apartments for weekend, week or even longer term period. Apartments suit best the needs of groups between 6-11 people. They are located close to beautiful lakeside and offer wide range of free time activities such as biking/ hiking by the lake side, rowing, fishing, swimming, golf etc. For more information www.pescatorvillas.fi


Krapi's Paja Exit room game: 

An art gallery is located in the old kiln. It is owned by a mysterious art patron. You and your friends have only 60 minuts to solve the biggest secret in Lake Tuusula area. This is an escape room game created for Lake Tuusula area. The game is suitable for group of 2 - 6 people. Reservations: myynti (at) krapi.fi.

how to find us

Map of the area: The lake Tuusula area map
How to find us: Travel Information

Travelling to Vanhankylänniemi, Järvenpää

By train to Järvenpää
Local train R Helsinki - Järvenpää train station, every 30 minutes. Timetables: vr.fi
Taxi: Järvenpää taxi station +358 9 1066 4400

Krapi and Gustavelund
By train to Kerava
Local trains Helsinki - Kerava station. Timetables: vr.fi
Taxi: Kerava taxi  + 358 9 1066 4200
Taxis in the area and pre-bookings: Lähitaksi  0100 7300.

The walking distance from Kerava Railway Staion to Gustavelund, Krapi and Onnela Inn is about  4,5 km // 50-60 minutes. For all travel options, please visit Matka.fi.


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