Tuusulanjärvi Marathon


Tuusulanjärvi Marathon

Tuusulanjärvi (Lake Tuusula) Marathon is held annually in late May.  Race options are Marathon, Half Marathon and 10 km. Marathon and Half Marathon courses are measured by a certified measurer of Finnish Athletics Federation. 10 km is the traditional route ”Rantatien Kymppi”. The race course goes by Lake Tuusula and the shore road (Rantatie, Tuusula), past the attractive cultural sights and museums.

Competition office and information desk are located at the former garrison area at Tuusula, Rykmentintie.

Tuusulanjärvi Marathon is organised by Keravan Urheilijat, Tuusulan Tallaajat, Tuusulan Varuskunnan Urheilijat ja Järvenkiertäjät.

For more information, please contact
tel. +358 40 164 7736