Cycling around the lake

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Cycling around the lake

Cycling around Lake Tuusula is a very popular activity. Beautiful scenery, historical sights and safe cycle paths attract both locals and visitors alike to cycle this circular 26 km / 16-mile route.

The route goes through a culturally significant landscape and passes several historical artists’ homes such as Jean Sibelius’ Ainola and Halosenniemi, the log-built wilderness studio. On the rural west side of the lake, it is difficult to believe that the urban Helsinki city centre is a mere 30 kilometres away.

If you do not have time to go around the whole lake, you can either cycle a shorter distance, such as the scenic museum road Rantatie (approximately 4 km / 2 miles in length), where you can find many of the cultural sites.

Mobile Application as an Audio Guide

You can tour the lake in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Before setting off, it is a good idea to download the Lake Tuusula mobile application from on your mobile device.

The trail is easy to follow as the app uses GPS to locate your exact position. An audio guide keeps you on the route and the backgrounds to the sites play automatically. If you save the route to your smartphone or tablet, you can use it without mobile data or WiFi while touring.

Download the mobile app here.

Rental bicycles 2021

All local hotels provide bicycles for their customers. If you come to the area for a day visit, rental bikes are available from the following locations:

Järvenpää Art Museum for the museum ticket price
Hotel Gustavelund. Price: 10 euros / whole day
Hotel Krapi. Prices 15 euros / 6 hours.

All hotels in the area provide bicycles for their customers.

Route map

The cycling route has been marked on our Lake Tuusula Tourist Map. You can pick up the map in local hotels and museums, but you can also download a pdf-version here.