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Lake Tuusula's Artist Community

A unique community of artists formed on the shores of Lake Tuusula in early 1900’s. The best known representatives of the golden age of Finnish art settled in the rural area, where the Finnish national writer Aleksis Kivi had lived the last few months of his life. Many of these artists lived in Helsinki but longed for peaceful surroundings.

But what attracted artists to move to the shores of Lake Tuusula? The natural beauty of the Lake Tuusula area was undoubtedly an important factor. Excellent transport connections to the capital city Helsinki also attracted the community to move into the area as well as lower housing costs, the chance to live more spaciously than in Helsinki – and the peace and quiet needed for artistic work.

The artist community was close as they knew each other well, and shared an idelogical background and interests. They had broad interest in music, literature, theatre and arts as well as similar ideas about education, interior design, gardening and upbringing the children.

The first family to settle on the shores of Lake Tuusula were Ahos; author Juhani Aho and his artist wife Venny Soldan-Brofeldt in spring 1897. The others followed in the coming years. You can read about the artists by clicking names on the left.

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