Kids week in Tuusula


Kids week in spring and fall

Tuusula’s own children’s culture week brings performances to different parts of the municipality in spring and fall. Experiences and insights can be experienced in Hyrylä, Riihikallio, Kellokoski and Jokela.

Tuusula Children’s Culture Weeks bring performances and workshops by traveling professional theaters and musicians to Tuusula close to families with children, kindergartens and schools. Early childhood groups as well as individual visitors are welcome to Kids Week’s morning performances. The program also includes workshops for pre-school children and families in Tuusula museums.

For most of the events at Kids week tickets and seat reservations are free, but both individual visitors and groups must book seats in advance due to the limited number of seats in the performance spaces.

Surveys, wonders and inquiries:
Tuusula Cultural Services / Children’s Culture tel. +358 40 314 3435,

Header photo: © Maarit Kytöharju / Meidän Festivaali