Krapihovi and Summer restaurant Mankeli

Addres: Rantatie 2, Tuusula  
Telephone: +358 9 274 841

Email: myynti(at)



The delicious Krapi story lives in its kitchen. It is made of the yearly seasonal cycle, pure Finnish ingredients and of the history of the house. In addition to Restaurant Krapihovi the yards and garden include a smokery, granaries, a wine cellar, Restaurant Mankeli and summer beer garden, hotel housed in the old cow stables and a summer theatre. Also next to Krapi by the golf course is golf clubhouse Restaurant Ateljeeri.

On the banks of Lake Tuusula, at the end of a road winding through the golf course the old smoke sauna is heating up.

Krapi is a true Finnish setting... homemade food that has been prepared with dedication and care and spiced with the rich history and living culture of the area. 

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