Kallio-Kuninkala summer cafe

Address: Ristinummentie 6, Järvenpää
Phone: +358 40 563 7748
Website: www.kuninkala.fi

Eat and drink

Kallio-Kuninkala summer café

The Sibelius Academy – nowadays part of the University of Arts – one of the world´s leading music conservatories, has been operating in Kallio-Kuninkala, located by the Lake Tuusula in Järvenpää since 1987.

Kallio-Kuninkala has a popular summer café and provides catering service.

Café is open 4.7. – 27.7.2024 from Thurstday to Sunday at 11 – 17.

Kallio-Kuninkala's connections to the Artist Community

Business person K.A. Paloheimo lived in Kallio-Kuninkala with his family the same time as the museum road Rantatie’s Artist Community. Of the family’s five sons, three found spouses from the region’s artist families, one became Sibelius’ son-in-law, one Pekka Halonen’s son-in-law and one Eero Järnefelt’s son-in-law. Today, the farm houses the Sibelius Academy Course Centre. Read more about Kallio-Kuninkala’s colourful history on the site’s own website.