The Seven Brothers' hiking trail

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The Seven Brothers' hiking trail

The mobile app guide introduces you to the National Author’s hiking trail

The 90-kilometre-long forest trail starts from Helsinki and traces the footsteps of Finland’s National Author Aleksis Kivi. You can now follow the trail and be guided by a mobile application.

The Seven Brothers hiking trail is an inspiring combination of natural paths and winding town roads. It follows the scenes of the first Finnish novel the Seven Brothers and sites which were of greatest importance to its writer Aleksis Kivi.

Several hotels, guest houses and primitive camping areas are located throughout the way. Meet local people and learn about Finns, Finland and our nature and culture.

The trail starts at Kivi’s granite sculpture which stands in the front of National Theatre next to Helsinki main railway station. It ends close to Hyvinkää railway station and passes other railway stations which makes it easily accessible.

You can complete the whole trail or walk from town to town. The hike takes you to the forest path of the Helsinki Central Park and leads to the beautiful Valley of River Vantaa. You may stop by the medieval Church of St Lawrence and hear wild stories of the 750-year-old King’s Road.

The mobile app (which is soon to be published in English) will with 168 hotspots leads your way and tells you interesting facts about our history and the way we live. You will walk in old forests smell the richness of our bogs and meet friendly local villagers in the peaceful countryside. Rent a canoe and have a swim in many of small legs. Remember to visit the birthplace and the last home of Aleksis Kivi in Tuusula. There are also new housing areas with fresh architecture along the way.

Come anytime of the year! Many sections are also suitable for mountain biking and skiing in winter.

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