Sarvikallio park and viewing point

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Sarvikallio viewing point

Address: Sarvikalliontie, 04300 Tuusula

Rising 25 meters above ground, Sarvikallio cliff is the highest point on the shores of Lake Tuusula. This scenic lookout offers breathtaking views and is a popular destination year-round.

In the early 1900s, a vibrant artist community flourished on the opposite shore and sometimes, they – naturally with their families –  rowed over the lake and had scenic picnics and painting sessions at Sarvikallio.

The Sarvikallio area features lush groves, spruce, and pine forests. The contrasting light and shadows create a unique atmosphere, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding cultural landscape. Sarvikallio is a compact area with activities for the whole family to enjoy.

At the top of Sarvikallio, there is a designated fire pit, along with a nearby woodshed and eco-toilet facilities. Below the scenic cliff, on the lake’s shore, you’ll find a small dock accessible by a staircase – thus you can also reach Sarvikallio by paddleboard or boat!

From the Sarvikallio parking area, you can walk to the scenic lookout via a direct gravel path (about 600 meters) or take longer ‘Seittelinreitti trail.’ The Seittelinreitti trail is a 3.4 km circular route that winds through diverse forest landscapes and is suitable for both walkers and cyclists. The recommended direction for the trail is clockwise.

Sarvikallio is one Uusimaa Recreation Area Associatio’s destinations, read more on their website: