Watersports equipment and rowing boats for hire

See and do

Rowing boats for hire

Take a rowing boat out to the lake and see the scenery from completely different point of view!

Museum Halosenniemi, Halosenniemetie 4-6, Tuusula
Hotel Gustavelund, Kirkkotie 36, Tuusula

Rental fees
5 € / 2 hours
10 € / 4 hours
15 € / 6 hours

Please note 
Halosenniemi rentals are on first come, first served basis and no prebookings are available.If renting from Halosenniemi, the boats should be returned by 5 pm.

Gustavelund takes pre-bookings on-line: https://aurinkolautta.24varaus.fi (soutuvene 1 and soutuvene 2)