Theme route: The time before Lake Tuusula Artist Community

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Theme route: The time before Lake Tuusula Artist Community

Sites: Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage, Erkkola, Tuusula Church, The Workers’ Home Museum, Vanhankylä Manor and Villa Cooper

When: In June and July (Please note that the church may not be open to the public on Saturdays!)

Arriving by train: Take commuter trains R or D to Järvenpää railway station. You may check the timetables at

10:15 am Board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at Järvenpää Railway Station.

10:45 am Hop off at the Erkkola and Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage Stop.

Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage
Address: Rantatie, Tuusula.

This is the cottage where the Finnish national writer, Aleksis Kivi spent the last months of his life. This very modest cottage, where Aleksis Kivi died, indicates what the Tuusula Lake Road must have looked like before the famous villas were built and the artists’ community settled here. The joint ticket with Erkkola covers your entry.

You will probably also have time to visit nearby Erkkola:

Artist’s Home Erkkola
Address: Rantatie 25, Tuusula.

This charming wooden villa is located on the Tuusula Lake Road, built by the poet and leading cultural figure, J. H. Erkko in 1902. It is located near the Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage. There is a museum shop. Museum Cards are accepted.

Or perhaps you would like to visit lovely Fjällbo Park near Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage? It has lovely lakeside views!

At around 12:05 pm hop on the Visit Lake Tuusula bus, bus stop: Erkkola & Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage.

At around 12:15 pm hop off at the Hotel Gustavelund bus stop (for lunch) or Tuusula Church.

Lunch restaurant suggestion:

Hotel Gustavelund
Address: Kirkkotie 36, Tuusula

Hotel Gustavelund has a long and colourful history. Gustavelund estate was first mentioned in the mid-16th century and later on, the place was home to famous military families. In the early 20th century all manner of fruit and vegetables were grown in Gustavelund’s large greenhouses and gardens for sale to numerous restaurants in Helsinki. In the 1930s Gustavelund was opened as a hotel for the first time. The current building was built in 1965 and represents pure modernist design. All that is left of the old manor building is the pavilion on the shore of Lake Tuusula. A buffet lunch is available from 11 am to 2 pm (3 pm on Saturdays) on the large terrace overlooking the lake.

Tuusula Church
Address: Kirkkotie 34, Tuusula
Website (in Finnish):

Please note that the church is open to the public from June to August from 10 am until 3 pm.

This beautiful cruciform church was completed in 1734 and the bell tower in 1746. The current colour scheme was planned by painter, Pekka Halonen in 1927. The church is surrounded by an old atmospheric graveyard, where both author, Aleksis Kivi and artist, Pekka Halonen, among others, are buried. War graves are situated between the church and Lake Tuusula.

Tuusula Workers’ Home Museum
Address: Kirkkotie 21, Tuusula
Website (in Finnish):

Please note that this museum is open in June and July Tues-Sun 12-16 and Wednesdays from 12-19. In August Sat-Sun 12-16 only.

The Workers’ Home Museum, located opposite Tuusula church, offers a peek into the world of traditional workers. This small museum features the homes of two craftsmen, a cobbler and a carpenter. The museum also features a smith’s workshop and changing exhibitions. Various demonstrations, from tar burning to smithery, provide a more extensive introduction into rural craft traditions.

At 2:45 pm hop on the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at the Tuusula church or Gustavelund (Kyöstinranta) bus stop.

Time for a relaxing, sightseeing tour! The bus travels via the Anti-Aircraft Museum, Hyrylä bus station and the rural east side of Lake Tuusula to Vanhakylä Manor.

At 3:20 pm hop off at Vanhankylänniemi and Pytingin Putiikki.

The owner of the Vanhankylä Manor in the 1600s was cavalry captain Nils Sålhana who was ennobled for his heroic war acts. The current manor house dates back to the mid-19th century. There is also a church boat here and a wooden windmill.

Pytingin Puoti Shop is located next to the manor house. It offers unique, high quality, Finnish handicrafts. All products are designed and produced by a group of local artisans. Additionally, the shop and artisans offer workshops and a show to demonstrate both modern and traditional methods. Up in the attic of the shop, you can also find the idyllic Pytingin Vintti gallery space where rotating exhibitions take place.

At 4:15 pm hop on the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at the Vanhankylänniemi / Villa Kokkonen bus stop.

At 7:05 pm dismount from the bus at Järvenpää town centre for the railway station. Perhaps you would like to explore this very typical Finnish town a bit further? Rantapuisto Park is the locals’ favourite and many restaurants & bars are open ’till late!