Theme route: The great outdoors!

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Theme route: The great outdoors!

Places to visit: Fjällbo Park, Sarvikallio and Vanhankylänniemi nature trail

Remember to bring along picnic food!

A bonus visit to Fjällbo Park is especially good for those staying in one of the hotels located near Rantatie Museum Road (such as Onnela Inn, Hotel Krapi and Hotel Gustavelund) as you can walk back from Fjällbo to your accommodation.

Arriving by train: Take commuter trains R or D to Järvenpää railway station. You may check the timetables at 

At around 10:15 am you will board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at Järvenpää Railway Station.

At around 10:35 am you will arrive at the Erkkola and Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage bus stop.

Fjällbo Park is located behind the Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage’s car park. In the park, you can admire the lake scenery from lakeside bedrock and woodland paths. A log-built villa used to stand proudly on the top of the hill but unfortunately, it burned down in the 1980s. An old summer house and stone steps lead down to the lake remind us of the olden days. An outdoor fireplace and some benches are located by the lakeside.
You can walk along the road Ilmari Kiannon Kuja and carry on the footpath following the shoreline. You will eventually arrive at Kirkkotie road and can board the bus at Hotel Gustavelund.

At around 12:10 pm take the Visit Lake Tuusula bus from Hotel Gustavelund / Kyöstinranta bus stop.

You will arrive at approximately 12:40 pm at Sarvikallio recreational area.

Please walk to the Sarviakallio area on the dirt road for 600 m. Alternatively, you may wish to take either 2 km or 3 km trails through the woodlands. They both lead to Sarvikallio viewpoint and campfire place.

You will gain spectacular views over Lake Tuusula from Sarvikallio. This area was frequently visited by the artist community, who used to row across the lake from their villas. The highest point reaches 25 metres above the lake level.

At about 3:10 pm please board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at the Sarvikallio bus stop.

You will at 3:20 at Vanhankylä Manor.

A marked nature trail begins from Vanhankylä Manor and circulates the area. The whole trail covers a distance of 4 km, but it can be walked in two parts. The trail passes picnic areas, vantage points with lovely lake views and a beach.

The owner of the Vanhankylä Manor in the 1600s was cavalry captain, Nils Sålhana who was ennobled for his heroic war acts. The current manor house dates back to the mid-19th century. There is also a church boat and a wooden windmill.

Pytingin Puoti Shop is located next to the manor house. It offers unique, high quality, Finnish handicraft. All products are designed and produced by a group of local artisans. Additionally, the shop and artisans offer workshops and a show to demonstrate both modern and traditional methods. Up in the attic of the shop, you can also find the idyllic, Pytingin Vintti gallery space where rotating exhibitions are hosted.

At 4:50 pm take the Visit Lake Tuusula bus from the Vanhankylä Villa Kokkonen bus stop.

Now you have two choices! Those who wish to take a train, can hop off at Järvenpää Art Museum and walk a short distance to the railway station.