Theme route: Sunday Drive

Theme route: Sunday Drive

Sites: Suviranta, Ainola, Ahola, Halosenniemi, Villa Cooper and Järvenpää Art Museum

Please note – this route requires some walking between the sites!

Arriving by train: Take the commuter train R to Ainola railway station. You may check the timetables at . Ainola Museum is located at a 15 minutes’ walk (1 km) from the station.

At 10.15 Board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at Järvenpää Railway Station 

Arrive at Ainola at 10.20  

Walk from Ainola to Suviranta (500 m)

11.00 Suviranta, Eero Järnefelt's atelier home

Address: Suvirannankatu, Järvenpää
Telephone: +358 40 315 3881
Email: suviranta(at)

The former studio residence of painter, Eero Järnefelt from 1901. Suviranta is open only for pre-booked guided tours. Book your entry and place for Sunday’s guided tour at 11 am by telephone or by email beforehand.

Ainola, The home of Aino and Jean Sibelius
Address: Ainolankatu, Järvenpää.

Ainola was the home of master composer Jean Sibelius and his family from 1904. The log-built villa was designed by architect, Lars Sonck. Also visit the garden and sauna building. The grave of the composer and his wife, Aino is situated in the garden. Café Aulis provides refreshments and there is a small museum shop. Museum cards are accepted.

Walk from Suviranta to Ahola (500 m) or Café Vellikello

Ahola Museum

Address: Sibeliuksenväylä 57, Järvenpää, Show on map
Telephone: +358 40 315 2213
Email: ahola(at)

Café Vellikello
Address: Sibeliuksenväylä 53, Järvenpää
Opening times: In May Sat-Sun 11-18, 4.6 – 18.8 Tue-Sun 12-18

Around 14.15-14.20 Board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at the Ahola or Café Vellikello bus stop.

Time for a relaxing sightseeing tour! The bus travels via the Anti-Aircraft Museum, Hyrylä bus station, the rural east side of Lake Tuusula and Vanhakylä Manor to Järvenpää town centre. 

At 15.30 you will arrive at Villa Cooper

Villa Cooper
Myllytie 14, Järvenpää

Originally called Villa Enckel or (after its location) Villa Vårbacka, Villa Cooper was built by Sigrid and Gösta Enckell in 1904 near Ahola and Ainola. The villa was designed by architect Lars Sonck, who designed at the same time Ainola, which was located nearby. The villa and the Enckells were a central part of the Tuusula artist community.

Around 1918 the Eckells sold the villa and it was moved to its current location in central Järvenpää. The villa was bought by Edward and Agneta Cooper in 1931. Agneta Cooper lived here for nearly 40 years.

Currently owned by City of Järvenpää, it currently functions as a year-round sales exhibition centre for the Craftspeople of Järvenpää. Some renovations have been made over the years, however the atmosphere in Villa Cooper takes you back to the time of the artist community.

Now you can make your way to Järvenpää Art Museum by walking 

Järvenpää Art Museum
Address: Kirjastokatu 8, Järvenpää, näytä kartalla

The Järvenpää Art Museum collection consists of works by Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (1863–1945) and Eero Järnefelt (1863–1937).

Art exhibition summer 2019: Rain Clouds and Sun Rays - Artists' Skies through the Eyes of a Meteorologist

Read more:äyttelyt--/sivu.tmpl?sivu_id=5677

If you are travelling by train, you can return to Järvenpää railway station easily as it is located next to art museum building. Alternatively you can explore the area further by walking to Järvenpää town centre and the Rantapuisto lakeside park. There are many interesting shops and restaurants in the town centre.

Järvenpää railway station is located in the town centre and you can take commuter trains D and R to Helsinki and Hyvinkää.

If you are travelling by train, you can reach Järvenpää railway station in just two minutes on foot; but why not stay for longer in Järvenpää? There are many restaurants nearby!


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