Theme route: Military History Tour

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Theme route: Military History Tour

Sites: Lotta Museum, Anti-Aircraft Museum and Hyrylä area

Arriving by train: Take the commuter trains R or D to Järvenpää railway station. You may check the timetables at

At around 10:15 am board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at Järvenpää Railway Station.

Arrive at 10:35 am at Lotta Museum.

Lotta Museum
Address: Rantatie 39, Tuusula.

The museum’s exhibitions tell the history of the women’s Lotta Svärd organisation. Lotta Museum is located on the Syväranta site, in the middle of scenic Tuusula Rantatie Museum Road.

The Lotta Museum recounts the difficult wartime years when women’s roles in voluntary nursing, food supply, equipment maintenance, communication and fund-raising work was instrumental in helping the country to come through. The Lottas were active both during war and peace, and the museum displays an interesting array of objects, from a wartime telephone exchange to a jewel-inlaid bridal crown.

The everyday fieldwork of a Lotta is illustrated in the exhibition outdoors. The fountain and the spider-shaped gate of the splendid garden are reminiscent of the previous magnificent history of Syväranta.

The modern exhibition with its multi-video presentations offers various dramatised and narrative-accompanied tours. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee in special Lotta coffee cups with homemade pastries at the Lotta Canteen.

There is a delightful small museum shop. Museum cards are accepted.

At 12:05 pm board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at the Lotta Museum bus stop.

At 12:20 pm you will arrive at the Anti-Aircraft Museum.

This military history, the specialist museum showcases Finnish anti-aircraft systems from 1925 to today. In addition to its extensive outdoor exhibition space, the museum offers two showrooms and the Captain’s residence, the oldest building in Tuusula, which was built in the 1700s and showcases the military tradition of Tuusula.

Outdoors, space is provided for the heavy anti-aircraft artillery. The firing unit, target radars and missile preparation sites are sign-posted.

The café serves light refreshments. Museum cards accepted.

Lunch restaurant suggestion:

Restaurant Kerho

Address: Tykkitie 1, 04300 Tuusula

Restaurant Kerho is located a short walking distance (900 m, 12 minutes) from the Anti-Aircraft Museum. It is located in a historic red, brick-built garrison building dating to 1906. From 1973 to 2006 the building was used as an army officers’ club. Restaurant Kerho serves lunch from 11 am to 2.30 pm, but special summer menus also available. There is also a café and a rustic bakery shop.

At 2:50 pm take the Visit Lake Tuusula bus from the Anti-aircraft museum, Restaurant Kerho or Hyrylä bus station stops.

Time for a relaxing sightseeing tour! The bus travels via the rural east side of Lake Tuusula and Vanhakylä Manor to Järvenpää town centre.

At 3:35 pm Järvenpää city centre or Järvenpää Art Museum.

If you are travelling by train, you can reach Järvenpää railway station in just two minutes on foot, when hopping off at Järvenpää Art Museum; but why not stay for longer in Järvenpää? There are many delightful shops and restaurants nearby!