Theme route: Artists' homes

Theme route: Artists’ homes

Sites: Ainola, Halosenniemi, Lotta Museum, Erkkola, Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage and Ahola.

Arriving by train: Take the commuter train R to Järvenpää railway station. You may check the timetables at 

10.15 Lake Tuusula bus from Järvenpää Railway Station 

Ainola, the home of composer Jean Sibelius
Address: Ainolankatu, Järvenpää.

Ainola was the home of master composer, Jean Sibelius and his family from 1904. The log-built villa was designed by architect, Lars Sonck. Also visit the garden and sauna building. The grave of the composer and his wife, Aino is situated in the garden. Refreshments are available from Café Aulis and there is a small museum shop. 

At 11.50 board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at Ainola car park

At 12.00 Exit the Visit Lake Tuusula bus at Halosenniemi 

Halosenniemi Wilderness Studio
Address: Halosenniementie 4-6, Tuusula.

The National Romantic style, log studio of painter, Pekka Halonen is today an art museum. It was built in 1902. There is a museum shop and rowing boats are for hire from the ticket office. 

Summer exhibition: The House Full of Women
In the summer, Halosenniemi will be filled with women in variable roles: as superb artists and models, inspiring muses, beloved spouses and children, even as seductresses.

Finland had talented female artists in the late 19th century. Besides landscapes and people, the artists depicted everyday chores, children, flowers and compositions. Many paintings portray the ambience, the light or movement delicately and naturally.

Walk to the next site: Lotta Museum, Erkkola and Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage. The walking distance is 1,2 km and it takes about 15 minutes; although it might take longer as you are likely to stop to take some snaps of the idyllic Rantatie Museum Road scenes!

Now you need to make some tough choices! Which sites to visit before boarding the bus around 4 pm? And where to eat lunch?

Lotta Museum
Address: Rantatie 39, Tuusula.

The museum exhibitions tell the history of the women’s Lotta Svärd organisation. There is a museum shop and the Lotta Canteen. 

Artist's Home Erkkola
Address: Rantatie 25, Tuusula.

This charming wooden villa is located on the Tuusula Lake Road, and was built by the poet and leading cultural figure, J. H. Erkko in 1902. It is located near the Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage. There is a museum shop. 

You would probably like to visit the nearby Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage:

Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage
Address: Rantatie, Tuusula.

This is the cottage where the Finnish national writer, Aleksis Kivi spent the last months of his live. This very modest cottage, where Aleksis Kivi died, indicates what the Tuusula Lake Road must have looked like before the famous villas were built and the artists’ community settled here. The joint ticket with Erkkola covers your entry.

Lunch restaurant suggestions:

Summer restaurant Mankeli, Krapi
Address: Rantatie 2, Tuusula

The Summer restaurant, Mankeli has both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Lunch is served from 11 am to 2.30 pm. Refreshments and á la Carte dining is available until evening.

Lotta Canteen
Address: Rantatie, Tuusula

Lotta Canteen is located in the Lotta Museum and it is known for its friendly service and nostalgic atmosphere. Lunch is served from 11 am to 2 pm.

Onnela Inn
Address: Rantatie 34, Tuusula

Café and sunny outside terrace. 

At 16.05 board the Visit Lake Tuusula bus from one if the following stops: Lotta Museum, Onnela Inn, Erkkola & Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage or Krapi.

Time for a relaxing sightseeing tour! The bus travels via the Anti-Aircraft Museum, Hyrylä coach station, the rural east side of Lake Tuusula and Vanhakylä Manor to Järvenpää town centre.

16.15 Järvenpää Art Museum

Järvenpää Art Museum
Address: Kirjastokatu 8, Järvenpää, näytä kartalla

The Järvenpää Art Museum collection consists of works by Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (1863–1945) and Eero Järnefelt (1863–1937).

Art exhibition summer 2019: Rain Clouds and Sun Rays - Artists' Skies through the Eyes of a Meteorologist 

Read more:äyttelyt--/sivu.tmpl?sivu_id=5677  

If you are travelling by train, you can return to Järvenpää railway station easily as it is located next to art museum building. Alternatively you can explore the area further by walking to Järvenpää town centre and  the Rantapuisto lakeside park. There are many interesting shops and restaurants in the town centre.

Järvenpää railway station is located in the town centre and you can take commuter trains D and R to Helsinki and Hyvinkää.



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