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Lake-side saunas for hire

Finnish lakes are surrounded by traditional wood-heated saunas, and Lake Tuusula is not an exception. We have plenty of saunas, and some of them are also available for hire. As a visitor to our area, we hope you’ll experience the traditional Finnish way of relaxing – a nice warm sauna and a dip into a lake!

Elvilä sauna

Krapi’s Onnela area is located on a perfect spot – right in the middle of the long lake Tuusula.

Elvilä sauna was built in the 1930s but it has recently been renovated to its former glory. It’s wooden terrace is built partly on the lake. Elvilä is suitable for social gatherings for up to 8 people

Please read more here or contact Krapi website or phone sales office +358 9 274 841.

Krapi's smoke sauna

Krapi smokesauna is located on the shores of Lake Tuusula. The sauna room itself takes ten bathers at one time. You can have a refreshing dip in the lake from the jetty – and in the wintertime in the hole in the ice. Smoke sauna is available for groups or once a month for public sessions.

Please read more here or contact Krapi website or phone sales office +358 9 274 841.

Other lakeside saunas

Seurakuntaopisto; rantasauna.jarvenpaa(at)
Keuda; rantasauna(at)
Lammaskallio Farm; marjo.paakki(at)

If you are a beginner and wish to learn more about Finnish saunas, read Visit Finland’s article 10 Sauna Tips for beginners.