One Day // 24 hours by Lake Tuusula

See and do

24 hours by Lake Tuusula in the footsteps of the Lake Tuusula Artist Community


The must-see guide on what to do by Lake Tuusula. This handy itinerary has been created to help you experience the best there is on offer. To keep it simple, we’ll concentrate on the historic Rantatie museum road area. Whether you prefer to walk, cycle or drive, this itinerary will keep you busy from dawn till dusk!

You can print this guide with accompaning map as a pdf and take it with you:
One Day by Lake Tuusula.pdf


Rise and shine – you have a busy day ahead of you! If you are staying in a hotel, we recommend you borrow a bicycle, as it is the easiest and ‘most fun’ transportation option! Make your way to Ainola, and stop en route to admire the lake.

Ainola was the home of world-renowned composer Jean Sibelius and his family from 1904. This timber-built villa was designed by the famed Finnish architect, Lars Sonck. Its distance from the hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital gave the composer the peace and quiet he needed for his creative endeavours, while other artistic families living in the neighbourhood provided a lively social circle. Today, Ainola is an authentic home museum and open to the public during the summer (Tue – Sun 10 am – 5 pm).

The national, romantic-style log studio of the painter, Pekka Halonen was built at the turn of the 20th century on the shores of Lake Tuusula. Pekka Halonen was one of the most beloved artists of the ‘Golden Era’ of Finnish art, and he belonged to the versatile artist community of Lake Tuusula. Halosenniemi is now an art museum and it features the works of Halonen and other exhibitions showcasing works of his contemporaries and later generations. (Mon-Sun 11 am – 6 pm).


The summer restaurant at Mankeli is located in Krapi Farm right at the beginning of the Rantatie museum Road. Though simple, the food is delicious and matched to the seasons. Eat inside or sit on the terrace.


Erkkola is a small yet charming wooden villa, and it is one of the area’s artists’ homes which is open for public. J. H. Erkko was a poet and his home was built in 1902 on the Rantatie museum road. It was designed and built by local artist, Pekka Halonen (of Haloseniemi) together with his brother Antti. Erkkola is located close to the Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage and the car park provides parking for both.

This is a tiny cottage and it reminds us of how Rantatie looked before famous villas were built and the artist community began to grow. The Finnish national writer, Aleksis Kivi spent his last months in the care of his brother’s family here.
Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage

Time for a relaxing stroll in Fjällbo Park close to Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage. Admire the views over the lake, and dip your toes in the water. This is the perfect place to reflect on the historical sights you’ve seen today.


Choose a five course meal or from the á la Carte menu and take in the lovely manor-like setting of this rather large old farm house. Fresh Finnish ingredients will convey the culinary story of Finland.

Some might prefer to stay indoors in Into á la Carte restaurant while others might be tempted to park themselves outside in the relaxed atmosphere of the lake-side, summer terrace. Here you can enjoy tasty BBQ food and salads while taking in the best views over the lake.

Restaurant Kerho is located in brick-built old army offficers’ club house. Kerho serves á la Carte, pizzas and burgers until 9.30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays (closing weekdays at 3 pm). Stylish, yet cosy restaurant, is smartly decorated and during the summer evenings, you may be tempted to enjoy large outside terrace area.

Later on

Krapi’s Paja is new music and event-based venue, located in Krapi Yard. Club evenings offer a variety of music whereas theatre and art events take place regularly: the perfect place to finish off your day!

Alternatively (or after your visit to Paja!), you may wish to soak up the lingering light of the long summer day and wander back to the lakeside. Across the tranquil lake, you may discern the call of the odd bird from the far shore. Perhaps you’ll see the sunset paint the sky and the lake in shades of red, orange and pink? You’ll never experience it until you try – and this is the right time to do it!