Mobile Application for Lake Tuusula area

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Mobile Application for Lake Tuusula area

When you visit Lake Tuusula, you can use a mobile application that allows you to explore the sights and services in our area. You can explore the Lake Tuusula area (about 21 km), for example by bike, rollerblading or walking, and hear interesting stories along the route. The mobile app also guides you to stay on your route because it knows your location.

This means that you don’t need a separate map, but of course you can use the Tuusulanjärvi Tourist Map, for example, with a marked bike path.

The service also allows you to easily find hotels, restaurants, shops and of course attractions in our area. The guided tour goes all over Lake Tuusula, but of course you can only explore parts of the route, such as the sights of the Tuusula Beach Road.

Download the Nomadi app on your phone

Nomadi is an application you can install on your smartphone that allows you to get acquainted with the routes created in the Citynomad service. It is also possible to use the Citynomad service via the browser of the mobile device, in which case it works with a continuous internet connection.
The mobile app is available for Android, iOS and Windows 8 Phone users.
You can find Nomad in your own app store called “Nomadi” or at