ExitCenter escape rooms

Address: Mannilantie 41, Järvenpää
+358 50 410 1860
E-mail: info@exitcenter.fi
Website: www.exitcenter.fi

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ExitCenter escape rooms

ExitCenter.fi is an immersive live escape room game in the centre of Järvenpää. Escape rooms are a new global trend in entertainment which offer an exciting experience for groups.

Escape rooms offer a different way to have a good time. They are suitable for friends, families with teenagers, couples and teams.

It’s 1948. Europe is at peace but for one man the war never ended. The radio connection was shut down and the mission was buried. The team never received message so they continued the mission.

The only man remaining is major M who still operates from his hidden base behind enemy lines. You have been sent in secret to switch his codes so the message for retreat can be sent. This mission is hazardous and the major is suspicious of strangers.

When you infiltrate the base a trap set by the major locks you in.

You stepped into the speakeasy with vengeance in your mind intending to fleece some high rollers with your cards skills, but the place seems deserted apart from one letter addressed to you. The message says the place is under surveillance and the police are on the way. Anyone who is at the scene will be suspects in a high-profile money laundering case.

Can you escape before the raid happens? The stakes are high!

As you explore an unknown cave, you notice something strange at the far end of it – an opening to a dark tunnel. Intrigued, you follow the tunnel and end up in a dark room. When you turn on the lights, the room comes to life and the heavy door locks behind you. What is this place? And how do you get out of here?

Can you solve the secrets of the room in time?

At the turn of the century an expedition from Oxford University Department of Egyptology travels to the Nile.

There has been a discovery in the archives. A notebook detailing the activities of a lost researcher points to the possible location of an untouched tomb of a previously unknown Pharaoh.

When you finally arrive at the entrance to the tomb, your goal is to find out who is buried in this unexplored, mysterious chamber. This will be the discovery of the century! Now you just have to find the way inside the tomb.

Your team will be locked in the escape room and with only your smarts, logical thinking and creativity to guide you, you will have 60 minutes to escape the room by finding hidden clues and solving puzzles. Adrenaline-filled games require effective collaboration in brain-teasing tasks if you want to solve the puzzles in time. Read more about escape rooms.