Pytingin Puoti

Pytingin Puoti

Address: Stålhanentie 4, Järvenpää 

Telephone: +358 44 2078668

Email: pytinginpuoti(at)


Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday between 11am - 5pm
Group visits also by agreement on other times.


Pytingin Puoti is a little shop offering unique, high quality, Finnish handmade crafts. All products are designed and produced by a group of local artisans. Crafts include, for example, interior design pieces, clothing, accessories, jewellery, toys, post cards and much more. Buy for yourself or as a gift! Additionally, the shop and artisans offer workshops and shows to demonstrate both modern and traditional methods.

Up in the attic of the shop you can also find the idyllic Pytingin Vintti gallery space where rotating exhibitions are hosted. The shop is located in Järvenpää, in the culturally historic manor of Vanhakylä.


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