Koiramäen pajutalli

Address: Forsteninkuja 10, Tuusula
+358 40 539 6641
E-mail: paju@koiramaenpajutalli.fi
Website: www.koiramaenpajutalli.fi

See and do

Koiramäen pajutalli

Decorations, interior design items and gifts. Come and take a break in the café and enjoy the delicious homemade pastries. Lots to see and do, such as farm animals, for children too.

Opening hours:
Tues-Sun 11.30 – 18.30
Closed on Monday

About willow

Willow is a versatile, tough and flexible material. Traditionally, just necessities have been made of it, but antipyretics and rheumatic drugs have been made from its leaves and roots as well. You can get more information about it from Koiramäki Pajutalli’s willow info. Eight different willow varieties are grown at Koiramäki, from thin wicker willows to thick fence willows.