Church of Tuusula

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Church of Tuusula

Tusuula’s beautiful grey cruciform church was built in 1734 and the bell tower in 1746. The current club scheme was planned by painter Pekka Halonen in 1927. The cemetery is the final resting. place of author Aleksis Kivi and artist Pekka Halonen.

Tuusulan kirkon muistomerkki ja kukkaistutus

Orginal church

First church in Tuusula was completed in 1643 with the help of the cavalry master Nils Stålhana, the owner of Vanhankylä manor. The old church was located in the area of the present war memorial cemetery and it resembled more a barn than a church. The church was only 10 m x 20 m in size. The first church soon became small and deteriorated over time.

Vanha kellotapuli Tuusulassa.

War graves

Between the church and lake Tuusula, are the graves of solders who died in the Winter War (1939-1940) and the Continuation War (1941-1944). War graves have the most prominent place in all Finnish cemeteries as fallen solders were usually buried in their local church yard.

Old cemetery

The old cemetery has been used from 1640’s and it is currently museum cemetery. Aleksis Kivi grave stone is from 1877. The flying swan at Pekka and Maija Halonen’s grave is sculpted by Pekka Halonen’s cousin, sculptor Eemil Halonen. Photo by Anneli Salo, Creative Commons

Kirkko on auki vierailijoille 1.6. – 31.8.2023 ma-pe klo 12-18.

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