The Anti-Aircraft Museum

Address: Klaavolantie 2, 04300 Tuusula
Telephone: +358 40 3143470

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The Anti-Aircraft Museum

The Anti- Aircraft Museum is located across the road from Klaavola house museum. At Anti- Aircraft Museum you can familiarize yourself with the history of AA-artillery and missiles in the Finnish defense forces.

In addition to this, the museum exhibits also include a great amount of military history from the Lake Tuusula region. Before the AA regiment, the Finnish field artillery was housed in the Hyrylä Barracks from 1918 until 1957. In addition to this, the Civil Guard hosted its officer and NCO training center at the shores of Lake Tuusula.

Before the Finnish independence, the Czarist Russian army infantry and artillery occupied the barracks and training grounds, and even before this, the army of the Swedish realm had many mounted horsemen and soldiers stationed in the Tuusula region farmhouses.

The oldest building of our museum, the Captains Lodging, was built in 1721 for an officer of the Swedish crown to house him and his family during peacetime. According to most recent information, it is the oldest house still standing in the whole Tuusula region.

All of these historical events and much more can be seen at the Anti-Aircraft Museum.

Punainen puutalo jonka edessä ilmatorjuntatykki

The Captains Lodging

The Captains Lodging contains an exhibition about the military traditions and history of the Lake Tuusula region and Finland in general.


The exhibition covers the years 1495 to 2022. It begins from the explosion of Viipuri, which occurred on 30th November 1495 and ends to the recent events like the war in Ukraine and the Finnish NATO membership. A timeline is presented in the main room of the building, and is available in expanded form and in English on a touch screen computer in the same room.


Other rooms of the building house objects and photographs from various eras presented on the timeline, from Swedish era until the UN peace-keeper training which was present in Tuusula from 2007 to 2014.


The Anti-Aircraft Museum was opened in this building during the June of 1969 and the house has since been used as a museum. According to archaeological and historical studies, it is the oldest residential building still existing in its original form in the Lake Tuusula region.

The Tuusula-Hall

Inside the Tuusula-Hall you can tour the basic exhibition of Anti-Aircraft equipment from WW1 era until the modern day. The core of this exhibition is the equipment used during peace time. There are many guns, radar systems and heavy vehicles in the exhibition hall. These include the BUK M1 missile launcer system and a Soviet built AA-tank, where visitors can climb inside and sit in the controls.

On the upper level of Tuusula-Hall, various art and photo exhibitions are regularly presented to the museum visitors.


The Helsinki-Hall houses the second basic exhibition, which is concentrated on the extraordinary refreshers, winter war, continuation war and Lapland war era of the defence forces. Here, you can see the journey from gearing up to war in Europe and Finland during the summer and autumn of 1939 and to the end of hostilities in April 1945.


The main focus of the exhibition room is the air defense victory of February 1944, when the Finnish AA units, assisted by the Finnish and German air forces, radar units and ingenious use of fake information and intelligence operations, defeated the numerically vastly superior terror bombing campaign instigated by the Soviet Air Forces towards the capital region. ‘


Inspired by the successes of US bombers in Japan and Germany, and by the example shown by Bomber Harris and his RAF units, Stalin decided to launch a Soviet terror bombing campaign on the eastern front and use it to demoralize German allies and friends. Finland was chosen as the testing ground for these air operations. The Helsinki AA units withstood the attack and the capital was saved.

Opening hours
Museum is open during
winter season (January – 15 May) Wed – Sun 11 -17
summer season (15 May – 31 August) Tue – Sun 11 – 17
autumn season (1.8. – December) Wed – Sun 11 – 17
Please check the opening hours from the museum’s website

Entrance fees
Adults 10€
Students and pensioners 6 €
Children 7 – 14 years 3 €
Free entry with Museum Card   

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