Event venue Krapi's Paja

Address: Krapi, Rantatie 2, Tuusula
Phone: 09 274 841, 050 593 2036
E-mail: myynti@krapi.fi
Website: www.krapinpaja.fi

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Event venue Krapi's Paja

On Tuusula’s Beach Road, in Krapi’s courtyard, stands a unique event venue, Krapi’s Paja.

Culture, delicacies and life are enjoyed in the Krapi’s Paja, which is also known as Tuusula’s cultural candy. In the workshop, you can experience a variety of cultural experiences such as music and theater clubs, events and celebrations in collaboration with artists from different fields and local cultural actors.

During the Krapi’s Paja club evenings, performances are enjoyed with small delicacies and good drinks. Regular club activities create the framework for the Pajas’s program. Krapi’s Paja operates throughout the year, offering their services for meetings and celebrations.

Check the Krapi's Paja program

Krapi’s Paja can also be rented for parties, weddings or meetings and you can order music for parties and events, in or outside the workshop. Read more about the Krapi’s Paja services and program.

Krapi’s Riihe has an art gallery maintained by a mysterious art supporter. You and your friends only have 60 minutes to find out about the most protected secret in the Lake Tuusula area…