Kellokoski's Hospital Museum

Address: Vanha valtatie 198, Kellokoski
Phone 040 314 3474

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Kellokoski's Hospital Museum

The hospital museum is located in the area of ​​HUS’s Kellokoski hospital. Founded in 1973, the hospital museum operates in a blue wooden house in the hospital courtyard. In the museum you can get acquainted with the history of various treatments, the hospital’s operations during the war years and the lives of the patients and staff who influenced the hospital. On display are objects and works of art made by patients as therapeutic work, as well as old artefacts from the hospital. Examples include an electroshock device, lobotomy surgical instruments, a straitjacket, and dental equipment. In addition, there are old aluminium utensils, furniture, clothes, written documents and old Art Deco lamps designed by Paavo Tynell in the hospital.

The Kellokoski Hospital Museum hides the history of Western mental health care – its gems and deviations. The collection, which has accumulated since the hospital was founded in 1915, still serves as a teaching collection in the field. The hospital museum also has presents the original patients, whose whims are reflected in collections of objects and e.g. Princess embroidery. The hospital museum does not leave you out in the cold: it tells not only about the richness and vulnerability of the human mind but also about the love of care professionals for their difficult sport – psychiatry.

The museum is open during the winter season by appointment. See the opening hours of the summer season on the hospital museum’s website.

Further information and visitor groups: Tuusula Museum, Audience Work Medical Intern Harri Nyman,

Summer 2021

The Kellokoski Hospital Museum will open to the public in June. Admission is free.

About 20 people are admitted to the museum at a time. During rush hour, there are different access doors to the entrance and exit.