Järvenpää Art Museum

Address: Kirjastokatu 8, Järvenpää
Phone: +358 40 315 3881
E-mail: taidemuseo@jarvenpaa.fi
Website: www.jarvenpaantaidemuseo.fi

See and do

Järvenpää Art Museum

Come and enjoy the art at Järvenpää Art Museum. The collection of the museum consists of works by Eero Järnefelt and Venny Soldan-Brofeld, who were close neighbours and members of the early 1900’s artists’ community at Lake Tuusula. The collection features colourful landscapes, nature lyricism, depictions of everyday family life as well as highly accomplished portraits. In addition, the museum hosts rotating exhibitions.

Järvenpää Art Museum is located close to Järvenpää Railway Station and it is open year round. Compacked, yet well stocked museum shop sells art related souveniers and gifts.

How to arrive at Järvenpää Art Museum?

By train: Järvenpää Railway station 2 minute walk, R and D trains from Helsinki and Riihimäki.

Within a short walking distance

Walking distances from Järvenpää Art Museum to some other interesting attractions:

Villa Cooper 10 minutes
Ainola, home of Jean and Aino Sibelius 30 minutes
Ahola Museum 25 minutes
Villa Kokkonen 45 minutes

Halosenniemi Museum 50 minutes via museum road Rantatie

Permanent Exhibition

In May 2023 Järvenpää Art Museum opened a new permanent exhibition, which displays artworks by artists Eero Järnefelt and Venny Soldan-Brofelt. Järvenpää Art Museum has comprehensive art collections, which encompasses art by Lake Tuusula artists’ community members Eero Järnefelt (1863–1937) and Venny Soldan-Brofelt (1863–1945). In 2023 we are celebrating the 160th birthday of both artists.

The exhibition takes visitors to Lake Tuusula, Venny’s and Eero’s artist homes, from seaside to all the way St. Petersburg and Paris. The public was invited to take part to selection process and their favourites are now on display in the exhibition.

The exhibition also pays attention to younger visitors. At the desk request for a basket, which contains activities for children. One can find delightful details in surprising places. Can you find Venny’s studio?

Opening hours 2024:

January – April Wed – Sun 10 – 17
May – September Tue – Sun 10 – 17
October – December Wed – Sun 10 – 17


Check from the website (e.g. public holidays and changing the exhibitions may affect the opening hours)

Entrance fee
Adults 9 €
Pensioners 8 €
Children under 18 years free
Students, unemployed 4 €
Combined ticket with Ahola: 12/10/6 €
Museum Card accepted

Guidance by appointment 50 € (up to 20 people) or 100 € (20+ people) + entrance fees
Short guidance (approx 15 minutes) 25 €

Service languages: Finnish, Swedish and English