Artist's home Erkkola

Address: Rantatie 25, Tuusula
Phone: +358 40 314 3471 (opening hours only)

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Artist's home Erkkola

Erkkola is a charming wooden villa and is one of the artists’ homes open for public. The poet J. H. Erkko’s home was built in 1902 by Tuusula Lake Road, and it was designed and built by local artist Pekka Halonen (of Haloseniemi) together with his brother Antti. J.H: Erkko (1849 – 1906) was a central cultural figure in late 18th century Finland. Erkko was also a strong advocate of culture as well as being a playwright and journalist.

Erkkola is a lovely example of a log-built house and it nowadays houses varied events such as club evenings, concerts, workshops and small-scale exhibitions. Erkkola is located close to Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage and the parking place for Erkkola is shared with the Cottage.

How to arrive at Erkkola?

Bus: Get directions using HSL Journey Planner
Bus stop (Krapi) is 500 metres / 6 minutes walk from Erkkola.

Within a short walking distance:

Within a short walking distance from Erkkola are several other places of interest:

Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage 2 minutes
Fjällbo Park 5 minutes
Halosenniemi Museum 20 minutes

Exhibitions 2024

Movements – modern city themes from the 20th century
The painter and sculptor Lars-Gunnar Nordström (1924–2014) 100th anniversary is celebrated this year. After early Cubism, Nordström moved to non-representative art, concretism, which manifested itself not only in paintings but also in wonderful steel sculptures. In addition to Nordström’s works, there are city-themed paintings from the 1910s to the 1930s by Ellen Thesleff, Ragnar Ekelund and Marcus Collin, among others.

Stories about time
Silja Puranen and Eero Lintusaari’s partly retrospective exhibition tells about the observations and interpretations of the artist pair about the world around them, near and far.

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13.2.–1.5. Wen–Sun 12 am – 5 pm
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9.10.–31.12. Wen–Sun 12 noon – 5 pm

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