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Pekka Halonen(1865 – 1933)

Painter Pekka Halonen is known for his paintings of Finnish nature and robust country people. He studied art in Paris, but lived and worked on the shores of Lake Tuusula for more than three decades. He is best known for his paintings of winter scenery, which were painted outdoors near his home Halosenniemi. He also portayed Finnish folk life, which was a popular theme in Finnish art in the turn of the century.

Halosenniemi, Pekka Halonen’s wilderness atelje is located on the museum road Rantatie. Pekka Halonen designed the house himself to become his large family’s home and it was built in 1902. Lake Tuusula and it’s rocky shores gave Halonen endless source of inspiration.

Pekka Halonen was married to Maija Halonen and the large family of eight children lived in Halosenniemi. Halosenniemi was popular place for community to gather, and many visitors – including composer Jean Sibelius – performed music in the atelier with a high cealing and good acoustics.

Read more about Halosenniemi here.

Photos: Tuusula museum, Finna / Museovirasto – Musketti

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