Aino Sibelius

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Aino Sibelius (1871 - 1969)

Aino was a caretaker of the home and the “good spirit of the master composer,” for whom the work of the spouse was everything. She understood the magnitude of her husband’s musical thoughts and the uneasiness associated with creative work. Even in times of economic distress she encouraged Sibelius to write symphonies.

The garden surrounding Ainola was especially the kingdom of Aino Sibelius. As Jean Sibelius’ income had not stabilized, especially in the initial stages, the financial situation required self-sufficiency.

Aino experimented with different vegetable and root varieties in her vegetable garden and was particularly interested in apple growing. The Sibelius family ate dinner from the garden and Aino’s apples were rewarded in competitions.

Aino had a musical and artistic multi-talent, and the furniture she designed can still be seen in Ainola. For example, she designed Ainola’s excellent sauna building. Aino was also a skilled pianist, worked as a home teacher for her five daughters and proofreading e.g. the manuscripts of her former suitor and later neighbor Juhani Aho. “Probably one of the finest women in Finland,” as philosopher Eino Kaila said.

Aino and Jean Sibelius’ home Ainola is located in Järvenpää and is open from May to the end of September. In Ainola you can still see Aino’s touch in many details. Many of the plants that were important to Aino are still blooming in Ainola’s garden.

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