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Tips for responsible tourism services at Lake Tuusula

Oranssi aurinko laskee pilvien läpi tuusulanjärven taakse.

Finland’s most significant artist community settled in the Lake Tuusula area at the beginning of the 20th century. The nature of the area together with good transport connections attracted artists to this area, and Lake Tuusula and its surroundings offered inspiration and the opportunity to spend many happy moments in the area.

The same environment continues to bring well-being and happiness to locals and visitors to the area.

1. Arriving and transportation

It is easy to get to the Lake Tuusula by train from many directions. On most trains you can bring your own bicycle or even a kickboard. Get off at Kerava, Ainola or Järvenpää station. You can get around on foot, by bicycle or by local bus. For brisk walkers, the distances are not too long, naturally depending on the program of the day.

You can use HSL busses in our area.

You can also rent a bike on site and cycle around Lake Tuusula, which is one of the most famous routes in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Read more here: Cycling and bike rental

Cycling from Helsinki to your destination is even easier. The Lake Tuusula area is connected to the Hanko-Kouvola cycle route, which covers southern Finland. Read more about the route, cycle on time and book a night at Lake Tuusula.

Solbacken, Ruotsinkylä, Tuusula

2. Accommodation 

The responsible accommodation company is committed to the STF program and / or to applying for a certificate certifying responsibility, and information on responsible measures can be found on the company’s website.

Hotel Krapi, Tuusula

Responsible accommodation is offered by Villa Tammikko, Hotel Krapi and Metsänautti’s Tentsile. Villa Tammikko has obtained Sustainable Finland Travel label.

Villa Tammikko, Ruotsinkylä, Tuusula

3. Dining

The food service provider is committed to using local food and / or organic and has a mark or certificate. You can enjoy responsible food services: Härmän Rati and Krapi restaurants.

Krapihovi buffet table

Krapihovi’s buffet includes seasonal ingredients. Here’s a picture of summer buffet.

A responsible food experience is created when raw materials are used directly from nature in the production and the experience can be supplemented with a course of wild herbs. Metsänautti provides responsible food services in nature.

4. Excursions, sightseeing and events  

The responsible service provider is local, committed to performing the STF label and / or Metsähallitus‘ criteria for sustainable tourism, and / or the company has another mark and plan for responsible operations. A description or commitment of responsible operations can be found on the company’s website.

Sarvikallio area, Lake Tuusula.

Metsänautti offers responsible nature experiences, and Villa Tammikko provides information on cycling and hiking trails in the area. Tuusulanjärven Kulttuurimatkat will lead you to the local culture and stories.

Phohto: Maarit Kytöharju, Meidän Festivaali

Ainola is Finland’s most internationally known home museum and a unique part of Finland’s national cultural heritage in Järvenpää, on the shores of Lake Tuusula.

Photo: Maarit Kytöharju, Our Festival concert at Suviranta

Our Festival is an open-minded chamber art festival in Lake Tuusula that renews cultural life, is socially aware and is known for its interdisciplinary raptures.

5. Souvenir from Lake Tuusula

The responsible souvenir is locally produced.

Intangible services are responsible choices when traveling. However, if you want to buy a take-home, we recommend that you visit the farm shops in the area, where you can buy edible, drinkable and even hand-made soap from the Lassila farm.

Lassila Farm, Paijala, Tuusula

6.  Thank you for visiting and welcome again!

As a visitor, you can make a responsible choice and share your experiences on social media and directly with companies. Use these on social media: #visitlaketuusula #visitLake Tuusula #sustainabletravelfinland and @visitlaketuusula

Lake Tuusula is a beautiful destination all year round. If you know the area in the summer, let the area surprise you in the winter, fall and spring as well. Promoting year-round tourism is a responsible act.

During the project “Sustainable Tourism in Lake Tuusula” managed by Tuusulanjärven Matkailu ry (Visit Lake Tuusula) from 01.06.2021 to 31.3.2022, the know-how of the region’s tourism operators about responsible operations has been increased and responsible tourism service entities have been developed, conceived and commercialized together. The actors in the area have created criteria that are met by the providers of the services presented here.

The tips presented here are compiled from the services provided by companies committed to responsible operations during the project. More tips for visiting Lake Tuusula can be found in the front page.