Housing Fair 2020

Housing Fair 2020

Housing Fair in Tuusula 3.8.–30.8.2020

The annual Housing Fair of Finland will take place in Tuusula in summer 2020. The Housing Fair is a major event which showcases the ongoing and future trends in building and interior design.

Housing Fairs are set up in actual newly built residential areas, where homes with fully completed interior designs are on display for the audience to view. The houses are built for families who move in and live there after the fair.

In Tuusula, Housing Fair will look at the future of housing through 41 houses. The theme is the diverse art of living in a future urban village.

The upcoming fair area is located close to the services in the centre of Tuusula. In the residential area, the town living blends in with nature: farm land and nature trails leave directly from the backyards of the homes.

Tuusula’s significant cultural history will form part of the identity of the Housing Fair. Art will be seen in homes as well as in the planning of the area in the public areas, along the streets and in squares and parks.

50 Years of Housing Fairs in Finland

Housing Fairs have been exhibiting the development of Finnish housing for 50 years. For the third time, in the 2020 anniversary year, the Housing Fair will be located in the Helsinki region, in Tuusula. The 2020 Housing Fair area is currently under construction in the Tuusula Rykmentinpuisto area, just over half an hour’s drive from Helsinki.

The half-century-long activity of the Housing Fair began in Tuusula in the summer of 1970, when the Housing Fair was organised for the first time. The Housing Fair was held again in Tuusula in 2000. Both events have been remembered, not least because of their enormous popularity, but also because of the new residential areas built in Tuusula.


The 2020 Housing Fair grounds in Rykmentinpuisto are located just outside the centre of Tuusula. The area is about one kilometre from to the centre of Tuusula and about three kilometres from Kerava railway station. It takes 15 minutes to Helsinki Airport and Helsinki city centre is just 30 km away.

Once completed, Rykmentinpuisto will be a residential area of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. Rykmentinpuisto is one of the largest regional development projects in the Helsinki region.

Housing Fair in Tuusula 2020