Work well-being day at Lake Tuusula

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Work well-being day at Lake Tuusula

Get away from everyday life, start enjoying the strengthening power of nature, good food and the magnificent scenery of Lake Tuusula, from which the artist community in the area got its inspiration for their own creativity.

Welcome to spend a work well-being day at Lake Tuusula!

Services and programs for spending the work well-being day are offered by e.g.

Contact:, tel. 09 273 7555

Krapi, Krapi’s sales service
Contact:, tel. 09 274 84 290

Krapin paja / Krapi’s Workshop
Contact:, tel. 050-593 2036
Krapin paja/juhlat

Tuusulanjärven Kulttuurimatkat tours
Contact:, tel. 040 7272 535
Palveluita ryhmille