Group travel suggestion: at the sources of Finnishness

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Group travel suggestion: at the sources of Finnishness

11:00 pm Exploring the Rantatie scenery, Aleksis Kivi memorial cottage and Erkkola exhibition. Visit to lakeside at Fjällbo Park.
1:00 pm Arrival at the Lake Tuusula area. Lunch at a local restaurant.
3:00 pm Guided your of Halosenniemi and exploring the garden by the shore.
Accommodation at local accommodation.

In the evening, the poet Eino Leino tells about the stars of the waking nation on Tuusula’s Rantatie and in Helsinki’s artist restaurants. The performance includes songs made of poems by Eino Leino and Aleksis Kivi. The day ends with dinner in the spirit of the Artist Community.

After a well-slept night, the early birds have time to walk around Rantatie.

10:00 am Guided tour of Ainola and the garden.
11:00 am Dramatic tour of “Life in the Artist Community” in Ahola and/or exploring the Suviranta exhibition in Järvenpää Art Museum.
12:30 pm Lunch at a local restaurant and souvenir shopping.

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