Härmän Rati

Härmän Rati

Address: Vähäjärvenkatu 1a, Järvenpää

Telephone: +358 45 1064964

Email: info(at)harmanrati.fi

Website: www.harmanrati.fi


The comfortable facilities at Härmän Rati provide the setting for a memorable meeting, with the opportunity also for sauna bathing, at Vanhakylä in the city Järvenpää. The main hall seats about 80 people and the meeting rooms 16–25 people.

Härmän Rati's history

Härmän Ratin's main building has been moved to Järvenpää from Ostrobotnia, Western Finland some 400 km (250 miles). Building was built in the1920's and it was orginally used as a village school. School was closed a few decades later and the building was used for local industrial activities. The building was moved to it's current position by the current owners in the 2010's and we can all enjoy it's new proud life as a very handsome restaurant and hotel! 


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