Villa Tammikko

Address: Maisalantie 237, Tuusula
+358 50 355 8492, +358 50 366 7464


Villa Tammikko

Villa Tammikko is a spacious villa suitable for celebrations and gatherings. The house has three bedrooms, a hall and dining area, open kitchen with an island, a TV room and a bathroom and two toilets. In the winter time villa can accommodate up to 12 people, but in the summer time plenty more as granary cabins can be used for further accommodation.

The site is surrounded by Forestry Commission’s 500 acres of forest with exotic plantations, which offer wonderful opportunities for diverse outdoor recreation and active holidays.

Villa Tammikko is located in the village of Ruotsinkylä, which is a great example of prosperous Finnish countryside. Ruotsinkylä village milieu follows the river basin and many buildings are fromthe 1600s. Ruotsinkylä is about 8 km from Lake Tuusula and 10 minutes from the airport.

History of Villa Tammikko

Villa Tammikko has a long tradition of serving guests. The beautiful main house was built in 1924 as the office building of the Finnish Forest Research Institute, where forest researchers and foreign guests visited for almost a century. Both professors and ministers have stayed there. Villa Tammikko is located in Ruotsinkylä, which represents a prosperous and lively rural landscape at its best. The town environment is protected by the National Board of Antiquities. Many of the facilities date from the 17th century.