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Onnela Inn

Onnela Inn

Address: Rantatie 34, Tuusula

Telephone: +358 9 258 821

Email: info(at)onnela.com

Website: www.onnela.com


Onnela Inn on the museum road Rantatie is the perfect pit stop in Tuusula for a coffee or a refreshing drink any day of the year. In the summer, the terrace offers a sunny spot to relax. Dinner at the restaurant can be booked in advance for groups.

All meals and other food served at Onnela are prepared in our kitchen. The restaurant staff will also craft tasty menus for you for celebrations, conferences, or events at the sauna facilities on the beach. 

Weather permitting, summer with us also brings the Finnish speciality rosvopaisti, roast meat prepared in a cooking pit, with the appropriate ceremonies. 

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