Author Juhani Aho

Juhani Aho (1861 – 1921)

Juhni Aho ja Venny soldan-Brofeldt AholaJuhani Aho was a Finnish author and journalist, who’s also
known as a father of the artists’ community at Lake Tuusula. He and his wife Venny Soldan-Brofelt moved to Ahola in 1897 and thus encouraged fellow artists to move into the area. They are considered to be the founding members of the Lake Tuusula artist community.

Juhani Aho was a down-to-earth writer as he was an enthusiastic fisherman and keen skier.  He was the first Finnish author who made a living by writing. His first work Rautatie (Railway) was published 1884 and it is considered 

Juhani Aho Ahola Järvenpää

to be one of the classics of Finnish literature. Aho was nominated for the Nobel prize in literature twelve times.

Ahola, Juhani Aho's former residence currently used as a museum, is located near Ainola. Read more about Ahola here

Photos: Järvenpää Art Museum, Finna / Museovirasto



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