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Onnela Inn

Onnela Inn

Address: Rantatie 34, Tuusula 

Telephone: +358 9 258 821

Email: info(at)onnela.com

Website: www.onnela.com


The Majatalo Onnela inn is situated on the shores of the lake, just a 15-minute drive from Helsinki Airport and 30 minutes from the centre of Helsinki. The newly renovated accommodation buildings of the inn, Tammisto and Viertola, provide quality accommodation for up to 92 people.

Onnela's rooms are single or double Standard or Superior rooms. The Kombi suite has two bedrooms and a living room. The Onnela suite is equipped with a private sauna and a furnished patio, and the atmospheric Männistö cottage accommodates two people.

Finally, the Elvilä sauna offers luxurious accommodation for two in a sauna building constructed partially over the lake. All room rates include breakfast and an evening sauna.

Onnela has also three lakeside saunas, all with marvellous views over the lake and each with their own pier enabling swimming in Lake Tuusula. Onnela's main lakeside sauna is suited for 10 - 25 persons. Smaller Elvilä sauna was built in 1930's but has been renovated in 2012. The smallest and newest member of Onnela sauna family is Janne's sauna, which was built in 2013. This traditional wood heated sauna named after Jean Sibelius and it only takes four bathers at the time. 

Colourful history of Onnela

Miss Johanna Sofia Björklund founded Onnela boarding house in 1920's. During those times, artists were seeking peacefullness of the countryside and they came to stay at Onnela boarding house.

Finnish author Eino Leino was one of the regular customers of Onnela. During his final years, celebrated poet Eino Leino spent long periods of time in Onnela and was a regular visitor to Halosenniemi and other artists' residences. Leino's favourite room is still in Onnela, preserved as a commemorative room. 


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