Caravan and camping areas in the surrounding area


Caravan and camping areas in the surrounding area

The Vanhankylänniemi camping site is out of use for the time being. The city of Järvenpää will develop Vanhankylänniemi in the coming years. The city has rehabilitated roads and paths in the Vanhankylänniemi area, opened landscapes and increased lighting. Despite the renovation work, the area can still be used by outdoor enthusiasts and hikers, but there are no camping activities in the area.

For those who need camping or caravan sites, here are a few places nearby:

SF-Caravan Vihti Park
Rauhaniementie 391, 03700 Vihti
tel. 044 0966625

Lähilampi Caravan
Lähilammentie 71, 01860 Perttula (Nurmijärvi)
tel. 050 357 5526

Irjalantie 649, 03400 Vihti
tel. 0500 770 783

Espoo Camping Oittaa
Kunnarlantie 31, 02740 Espoo
tel. 045 255 00 77

Rastila Camping Helsinki
Karavaanikatu 4, 00980 Helsinki
tel. 09 3107 8517

Sibbe Camping/Joensuun Tila Oy
Joensuunraitti 44, 01150 Söderkulla
tel. 040 769 3530

Porvoo Camping Kokonniemi
Uddaksentie 17, 06100 Porvoo
tel. 045 255 0074

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